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Kodak 127 Rollfilm Cameras Kodak 127 Rollfilm Cameras

Kodak introduced 127 film in 1912 with the advent of the Vest Pocket Kodak. At the time it was considered to be a "miniature" format, but nevertheless soon achieved popularity because of the compact size of the cameras. Indeed, a Vest Pocket Kodak, when folded, is smaller than many 35mm cameras and not much bigger than some Advantix models. The film continued in favour until the 1960's, when the introduction of the cartridge-loading Instamatics meant the general public no longer had to struggle to load rollfilm into their snapshot cameras. The Brownie Fiesta R4 was probably the last 127 roll-film camera to be produced by Kodak. 127 film has been discontinued by the major manufacturers for some time, though Film for Classics, Central Camera Company and The Frugal Photographer can supply, as can some other specialist outlets. Addresses can be found under "finding film" in the "hints'n'tips" section.

Details of the "Autographic" feature, to be found on some of these cameras, can be read in the "hints'n'tips" section.
Kodak 127 Rollfilm cameras
  Baby Brownie
  Baby Brownie Special
  Brownie 127 (First Model - early)
  Brownie 127 (First Model - late)
  Brownie 127 (Second Model)
  Brownie 127 (Third Model)
  Brownie 44a
  Brownie 44b
  Brownie Auto 27
  Brownie Bullet
  Brownie Bullet II
  Brownie Chiquita
  Brownie Chiquita Flash
  Brownie Fiesta
  Brownie Fiesta (Argentina)
  Brownie Fiesta 3
  Brownie Fiesta R4
  Brownie Holiday
  Brownie Holiday Flash
  Brownie Reflex
  Brownie Starflash
  Brownie Starflex
  Brownie Starlet
  Brownie Starlet (UK)
  Brownie Starlet II
  Brownie Starluxe
  Brownie Starluxe 4
  Brownie Starluxe II
  Brownie Starmatic
  Brownie Starmatic II
  Brownie Starmeter
  Brownie Starmite
  Brownie Starmite II
  Brownie Super 27
  Brownie Vecta
  Eastman Bullet
  Girl Guide Kodak
  'Hawkeye' Ace
  'Hawkeye' Ace De Luxe
  Hawkeye Flashfun
  Jiffy Kodak VP
  Kodak Autosnap
  Kodak Baby Hawkeye
  Kodak Hawkeye Flashfun II
  Kodak Petite
  Kodak Rio-400
  Kodak Startech
  Kodak Vollenda No.48
  Kodak World's Fair Flash
  No.0 Brownie
  Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak
  Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak Model B
  Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak Special
  Vest Pocket Hawk-Eye
  Vest Pocket Kodak
  Vest Pocket Kodak Model B
  Vest Pocket Kodak Series III
  Vest Pocket Kodak Special
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