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k o d a k   a d v a n t i x   c a m e r a s
Kodak APS Film Kodak Advantix Cameras

Introduced in 1996, the "Advanced Photo System" was the result of both improved film technology and the co-ordination of several of the major camera and film manufacturers worldwide. No doubt taking the place of the Instamatic in the eyes of many "purists", the system has all the advantages of one-step cartridge loading, giving a very useable negative, slightly larger than a 35mm half-frame and about twice the size of a 110, and has successfully captured a large proportion of the "compact camera" market worldwide.

A feature of the Advanced Photo System is that the processed negatives are stored in the original film cassette, which has a unique identification number. Also supplied with the processed film is an index print, with this unique number, showing "thumbnails" of the pictures on the film. If both the index print and the film cartridge are stored together, for instance in a Kodak Memory Keeper, finding negatives to re-order prints can be a relatively easy job.
Kodak Advantix Cameras
  Advantix 4100ix Zoom
  Advantix F220
  Advantix F350
  Advantix F600
  Advantix Two Formats
  Kodak Advantix 1600 Auto
  Kodak Advantix 1700 Auto
  Kodak Advantix 2000 Auto
  Kodak Advantix 2100 Auto
  Kodak Advantix 3100AF
  Kodak Advantix 3200AF
  Kodak Advantix 3400AF
  Kodak Advantix 3600ix
  Kodak Advantix 3800ix
  Kodak Advantix F300
  Kodak Advantix Fun Saver
  Kodak Advantix T500AF
  Kodak Advantix T550AF
  Kodak Fun Advantix
  Kodak Fun Ultra-Flash
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