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k o d a k   1 1 6   a n d   6 1 6   r o l l f i l m   c a m e r a s
Kodak 116 and 616 rollfilm Cameras Kodak 116 and 616 rollfilm Cameras

During the early days of photography negative size was much more important than now because of the grain size and thus enlargement limitations. Larger negatives meant sharper pictures plus the added benefit of contact printing, i.e. printing photos without enlarging.

In 1932 Kodak introduced two new negative format, 620 and 616, the latter being 70 mm wide. The 616 format was the same as the existing 116 film format but the negative stock was wound on smaller spools in order to fit smaller cameras, that was, at least offically, the reason for introducing yet another format. The real reason might have been that Kodak owed the patent for this roll size and thus was the only one selling film for this format and when yu already own the camera, you need fitting (Kodak) film too, right?

The first "6" comes from "6 pictures per film". Later versions were longer and 8 pictures would fit on the film but the name remained the same. This film format lasted up to 1984 when it was discontinued.
Kodak 116 and 616 rollfilm Cameras
  Brownie Pliant Six-16
  Brownie Target Six-16
  Kodak Junior Six-16
  Kodak Vigilant Six-16
  No.1A Autographic Kodak Junior
  No.1A Pocket Kodak
  No.1A Pocket Kodak Junior
  No.1A Speed Kodak
  No.2A Beau Brownie
  No.2A Brownie
  No.2A Folding Autographic Brownie
  No.2A Folding Cartridge Hawkeye Model B
  No.2A Folding Rainbow Hawk-Eye (Model B)
  Six-16 Brownie
  Six-16 Brownie Junior
  Six-16 Brownie Special
  Six-16 Kodak (US Model)
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