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Even more than the cameras themselves, the original literature reflect the times that they were produced even more so than the cameras themselves. The pictures, the fashion and the old commercials often look more dated than the cameras themselves.

On the other hand, when you want to use an old camera and either come from the auto-everything era you might have major problems trying to figure out how things work. For some more knowledgable people, there is always something new to be learnt by reading the old manuals and for the absolute experts, there might be some refreshment of old information.
manuals Manuals

Most people nowadays know how to take pictures but in the beginning of photography, a lot more had to be explained.
articles Articles

Cameras are just, well, things. They don't move or talk by themselves. But wait till people start talking about them.
books Books

Combining text and pictures online takes a lot of space and reading from a screen is still not a nice and fullfilling as laying in your comfortable chair, with a good glass of wine and reading a real paper book.

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