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Cameras are just, well, things. They don't move or talk by themselves. But wait till people start talking about cameras, then the stories make them start getting alive and you start wondering what your camera must have seen since the day it was made.
Double eclipse coup for a Box Brownie Double eclipse coup for a Box Brownie

This article from Amateur Photographer Magazine tells the story of how an amateur photographer deployed the same trusty old Box Brownie camera to photograph the 1999 solar eclipse that she used at a previous eclipse in the 1920's.
Shoozey the Photographer Priest Shoozey the Photographer Priest

Father Augustine Schwarz was dispatched to the remote Indian communities of southern Arizona, where a keen eye and a Brownie camera made him a witness to an intimate history and a culture in the throes of change.
Amelia Earhart Amelia Earhart

An article on Amelia Earhart, without doubt the most famous user of a Kodak Duo-620 and her two attempts in 1937 to circumnavigate the globe via the Equator.
The Kodak Duo-620 Story The Kodak Duo-620 Story

The story of Retina's larger brother and some Nagel Werke company history too. Also includes a detailed overview of the many Kodak Duo-620 variants that were produced during the Series' short life.
The Experts and the Eastman Kodak Ektra Camera The Experts and the Eastman Kodak Ektra Camera

Was the Eastman Kodak Ektra Camera really designed by imported left-handed German engineers?

other sources

Thanks to many people who spend some of their time copying and hosting information online, there are numerous articles with interesting background-, technical- and historical information to be had for free. You'll just have to know where to find them. Below a small list of articles I have found or other people have told me about.
  • Kodak's Customer Service Pamphlets
    A List of all cameras Kodak knows it has ever produced, including names and dates can be found in Kodak's "Customer Service Pamphlet AA-13" which is available, free of charge, on the Kodak.com website.

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