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Combining text and pictures online takes a lot of space and reading from a screen is still not a nice and fullfilling as laying in your comfortable chair, with a good glass of wine and reading a real paper book.

Fortunately there are a few fine books about Kodak cameras available, find below a selection.
Collectors guide to Kodak cameras Collectors guide to Kodak cameras
by Jim and Joan McKeown (ISBN 0931838029)

This book provides an illustrated guide to the Kodak and Brownie cameras which were marketed in the USA and Canada.
Included is every known model and all significant variations of each camera as well as basic historical and technical information. Highyl recommended to get an overview of Kodak cameras.
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Kodak and the Lens of Nostalgia Kodak and the Lens of Nostalgia
by Nancy Martha West (ISBN 0813919592)

A moving and elegant account of the ways in which the Kodak institution has helpend shape the way we see, remember, live and even mourn the world. This book provides historical information about cameras and their influence on society.
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Kodak Cameras, The First Hundred Years Kodak Cameras, The First Hundred Years
by Brian Coe (ISBN 906447-44-5)

This book actually covers almost all of the "Kodak" and "Brownie" branded output of Kodak in the various countries where they have had manufacturing facilities, although inevitably there will be one or two omissions. Hawkeye, Graflex and Premo cameras are merely listed, rather than detailed with photographs. The more esoteric specialist and professional cameras are not covered at all.
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Camera Maintenance and Repair - Book 1 Camera Maintenance and Repair - Book 1, Fundamental Techniques
by Thomas Tomosy (ISBN 0936262869)

This volume contains the fundamental techniques necessary for repairing cameras. The content includes disassembly and repair, practical electronic repair, advanced troubleshooting flowcharts, tables and diagrams, building your own aperture and EV tester, repairing mechanical components, repairing water, rust, sand and fungus damage, and where to find parts and supplies.

Covers: Mechanical SLRs, Electronic SLR's, Medium Format, Mechanical rangefinders, Viewfinder cameras, Zoom lenses, Point and Shoot cameras, and much more.
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Camera Maintenance and Repair - Book 2 Camera Maintenance and Repair - Book 2, Advanced Tips
by Thomas Tomosy (ISBN 0936262583)

Keep your cameras and photo equipment in top condition! A must-have companion guide for all serious camera owners.

This book builds on the basics, and teaches techniques that refine your camera repair skills. Whether you tinker with cameras or own a repair shop, this book is a necessity. The ideal companion to the top selling Camera Maintenace and Repair - Book 1.

Covers: Mechanical SLRs, Electronic SLRs, Medium Format, Mechanical Rangefinders, Viewfinder cameras, Zoom lenses, Point & Shoot cameras and more.
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Restoring Classic and Collectible Cameras Restoring Classic and Collectible Cameras
by Thomas Tomosy (ISBN 0936262591)

Repair and restore any older model camera, be it valuable, rare, an heirloom, or precious just to you. A step-by-step, illustrated guide to the maintenance and restoration of antique cameras. Perfect for camera collectors, hobybists and enthusiasts.

Covers: Folding cameras, Wooden view cameras, Miniature cameras, Medium format, Large format, 35mm Classics and more.

This book is actually a summary of Camera Maintenance and Repair Books 1 and 2 listed above.
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k o d a k   p u b l i c a t i o n s
Wintertime Picture Taking Wintertime Picture Taking
Publication by the Eastman Kodak Company, 1948 and 1949

This booklet was part of the Kodak Photographic Notebook series of publications. These web-pages have been scanned and converted from the "Eastman Kodak Company" publication "Wintertime Picture Taking" 1948-1949 edition.

It contains information on how to take good pictures under cold circumstances and how to treat your camera equipment in order to prevent problems.

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