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Kodak 828 Rollfilm Cameras Kodak 828 Rollfilm Cameras

Kodak introduced 828 rollfilm in 1935 in conjunction with the original Bantam f/6.3 and f/12.5 cameras, no doubt to provide a cheaper alternative introduction to 35mm photography for the masses. Originally available in 8-exposure rolls for black & white negatives and Kodachrome colour slides, at least Kodachrome II was later available on a 12-exposure roll. 828 rollfilm originally had a single perforation per frame, much as Instamatic film. There is a mechanism on all the folding Bantams (and the f/8 model), operated by a button on the rear of the camera adjacent to the film wind knob, which causes the film to be indexed each frame without having to refer to the green picture number window for frame alignment. This feature was not incorporated in the solid-body Bantams.

I've only ever seen Kodak and Ilford film in this format, though a camera advertisement for Coronet cameras in a 1957 UK magazine also mentions Coronet film. There were a couple of other non-Kodak cameras made, one of which was a stereo model and another that was a half-frame. Kodak also manufactured adaptors to enable the use of 828 film in 620 cameras such as the Tourist and Reflex, presumably because slide film was as yet unavailable in the larger format, or simply to allow compatability with ordinary 35mm slides and projectors. Kodak Pathé also supplied adaptors with some of their folding cameras. Inevitably the lenses on these larger format cameras act as a short to medium telephoto when used with 828 film.

The last 828-film camera to be produced by Eastman Kodak in the USA was the Pony 828, though Kodak Ltd. in the UK continued manufacturing their Bantam Colorsnap cameras until 1963.

Kodak ceased production of 828 film in the mid-1980's. Some enthusiasts modify 120 film for use in 828 cameras. If you're not quite that keen, both Film for Classics and Central Camera Company can supply 828 film.
Kodak 828 Rollfilm Cameras
  Kodak Bantam Colorsnap
  Kodak Bantam Colorsnap 3
  Kodak Bantam Colorsnap II
  Kodak Bantam f/12.5
  Kodak Bantam f/4.5
  Kodak Bantam f/5.6
  Kodak Bantam f/6.3
  Kodak Bantam f/8
  Kodak Bantam RF
  Kodak Flash Bantam
  Kodak Pony 828
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