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K o d a k   B a n t a m   C o l o r s n a p
Kodak Bantam Colorsnap

A UK-made metal-bodied viewfinder camera designed to encourage the use of Kodachrome colour film by the general public. The front-cell focusing lens is mounted in a two-speed shutter which itself is set with the exposure ring which also adjusts the aperture. The exposure is judged with the use of an exposure guide on the back of the body, which in later models included Kodacolor as well. Flash is by standard co-axial socket on the right-hand side of the lens housing.

This camera was also available as part of the "Technical Close-Up Outfit", which also included the Kodak Flasholder Model II with Flash Cover and Flasholder Camera Bracket, Technical Close-Up Frame and Kodisk Portra lens +5.
name: Kodak Bantam Colorsnap
produced between : 1955 - 1959
lens : Anaston f/4.5
shutter : Dakon
film type : 828
picture size : 28 x 40 mm
original list price (USD): £11 18s 6d
categories: 828
Kodak Bantam Colorsnap

  index cameras 828 rollfilm
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