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k o d a k   6 2 0   r o l l f i l m   c a m e r a s
Kodak 620 Rollfilm Cameras Kodak 620 Rollfilm Cameras

Kodak introduced 620 film in 1931 with the US model of the Six-20 Kodak and at almost the same time stopped producing cameras taking 120 film, a situation that continued until Kodak Ltd. in the UK manufactured a few models in the 1950's and '60's. 620 film continued in favour until the 1960's, when the introduction of the cartridge-loading Instamatics meant the general public no longer had to struggle to load rollfilm into their snapshot cameras. The Brownie Reflex 20 was probably the last 620-film camera to be made by Kodak.

Kodak 620 rollfilm Kodak finally stopped manufacturing 620 film in the mid-1990's, but with a little bit of effort, 120 film can be used in 620 cameras, as the film is the same, only the spools differ. See the hints'n'tips-section for details.

Some publications refer to Kodak Pliant cameras produced in France in the late 1940's and early to mid 1950's. This would appear to be a misnomer as I have been unable to find mention of this name on any of these cameras or their packaging.
Kodak 620 Rollfilm Cameras
  Brownie Bull's Eye
  Brownie Flash
  Brownie Flash 20
  Brownie Flash B
  Brownie Flash II
  Brownie Flash III
  Brownie Flash IV
  Brownie Flash Six-20
  Brownie Flashmite 20
  Brownie Model I
  Brownie Pliant Six-20
  Brownie Reflex 20
  Brownie Six-20 Model C
  Brownie Six-20 Model D
  Brownie Six-20 Model E
  Brownie Six-20 Model F
  Brownie Target Six-20
  Brownie Twin 20
  Folding Brownie Six-20
  Folding Hawk-Eye Six-20 Model C
  Hawkeye Mod. B.B.
  Hawkeye Mod. C.C.
  Hawk-Eye Pliant Six-20 Model C
  Jiffy Kodak Six-20
  Kodak ModÓle 42
  Kodak ModÓle B 11
  Kodak ModÓle B 31
  Kodak 620 - ModÓle 32
  Kodak A - ModÓle 10
  Kodak A - ModÓle 11
  Kodak Box 620
  Kodak Duaflex
  Kodak Duaflex II
  Kodak Duaflex III
  Kodak Duaflex IV
  Kodak Duex
  Kodak Duo 620 (Duo Six-20)
  Kodak Junior 0
  Kodak Junior 620
  Kodak Junior I
  Kodak Junior II
  Kodak Junior Six-20
  Kodak Junior Six-20 Series II
  Kodak Monitor Six-20
  Kodak Reflex
  Kodak Reflex II
  Kodak Regent
  Kodak Senior Six-20
  Kodak Six-20 Bull's Eye
  Kodak Sterling II
  Kodak Target Six-20
  Kodak Tourist
  Kodak Tourist II
  Kodak Vigilant Junior Six-20
  Kodak Vigilant Six-20
  Kodak Vollenda 620
  Popular Brownie
  Popular Portrait Brownie
  Portrait 'Hawkeye' *Star*
  Portrait Hawkeye A-Star-A
  Six-20 Brownie (Portrait Model)
  Six-20 Brownie (UK Model)
  Six-20 Brownie (US Model)
  Six-20 Brownie B
  Six-20 Brownie C
  Six-20 Brownie D
  Six-20 Brownie E
  Six-20 Brownie Junior (Portrait Model)
  Six-20 Brownie Junior (UK Model)
  Six-20 Brownie Junior (US Model)
  Six-20 Brownie Junior, Super Model
  Six-20 Brownie Senior
  Six-20 Brownie Special
  Six-20 Folding Brownie
  Six-20 'Hawkeye'
  Six-20 'Hawkeye'-Major
  Six-20 Kodak (UK Model)
  Six-20 Kodak A
  Six-20 Kodak B
  Six-20 Kodak Junior
  Six-20 Kodak Junior de Luxe
  Six-20 Kodak Model C
  Six-20 Popular Brownie
  Six-20 Portrait Brownie
  Six-20 Target Hawk-Eye
  Target Brownie Six-20
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