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Kodak Single-Use Cameras Kodak Single-Use Cameras

Listed here is a selection of the single use cameras that have been available from Kodak. I know the wrapper designs vary in different countries, but I suspect the basic cameras are very similar. These cameras really do go back to the original Kodak concept of "You push the button, we do the rest".
Kodak Single Use Cameras
  Disney Single-Use Cameras
  Kodak "102 Dalmations"
  Kodak "Wedding" Single-use Camera
  Kodak 3D (Single-use)
  Kodak Advantix Fun Saver
  Kodak Fling 35
  Kodak Fun "Barcelona '92"
  Kodak Fun "Classic"
  Kodak Fun "Frosties Tigercam"
  Kodak Fun Advantix
  Kodak Fun Colors
  Kodak Fun Colors
  Kodak Fun Gold "Mulan"
  Kodak Fun Saver Portrait 35
  Kodak Fun Tele
  Kodak Fun Ultra-Flash
  Kodak Gold Single Use Cameras
  Kodak Single Use Cameras
  Kodak Single Use Cameras
  Kodak Single Use Cameras
  Kodak Stretch 35
  Kodak Ultra Compact
  Kodak Waterproof Single Use Cameras
  Lost World Single-Use Camera

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