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Kodak Box cameras Kodak, Brownie, Premo and Hawkeye

I have chosen to differentiate between the "classic" box camera and other cameras. These cameras are almost invariably used at waist-level, occaisionally with one (portrait format) but usually two viewfinders, and constructed of cardboard, wood and metal to various degrees. Twin-lens-reflex style cameras and plastic-bodied cameras are covered in the Viewfinder Cameras section and the appropriate film-size section. A box camera is just that, a box, and as such never has bellows. Folding cameras (with bellows) are covered in the Folding Cameras section of this web-site. Some cameras include the word "cartridge" in the model name. This is because a roll of film was considered to look like a shotgun cartridge and also to help differentiate between similar cameras that used plates or Film Packs.

The last box camera to be produced by Kodak in the USA was the Brownie Target Six-20, though the Brownie Six-20 Model D was imported later. Kodak Limited in the UK continued to produce box cameras until 1960, with the Brownie Flash B, Flash II and Flash III.

Premo Cameras

Having taken over the "Rochester Optical and Camera Company" in 1903, Eastman Kodak produced cameras with the "Premo" name until 1926. To my knowledge, very few Premo models were marketed in Europe, they certainly are not common here, hence the relative paucity of these cameras in my collection.
Kodak Box Cameras
  Brownie Flash
  Brownie Flash 20
  Brownie Flash B
  Brownie Flash II
  Brownie Flash III
  Brownie Flash IV
  Brownie Flash Six-20
  Brownie Hawkeye
  Brownie Model I
  Brownie Six-20 Model C
  Brownie Six-20 Model D
  Brownie Six-20 Model E
  Brownie Six-20 Model F
  Brownie Target Six-16
  Brownie Target Six-20
  Eastman Anniversary
  Hawkeye Mod. B.B.
  Hawkeye Mod. C.C.
  Kodak Box 620
  Kodak Duaflex
  Kodak Duaflex II
  Kodak Duaflex III
  Kodak Duaflex IV
  Kodak Six-20 Bull's Eye
  Kodak Target Six-20
  No.1 Brownie Model B
  No.2 Beau Brownie
  No.2 Brownie (Model B)
  No.2 Brownie (Model C)
  No.2 Brownie (Model D)
  No.2 Brownie (Model E)
  No.2 Brownie (Model F) - USA
  No.2 Brownie Junior
  No.2 Brownie Special
  No.2 Bulls-Eye Kodak
  No.2 Cartridge Hawk-Eye (Model B)
  No.2 Cartridge Hawk-Eye (Model C)
  No.2 Cartridge Jockey Model B
  No.2 Film Pack Hawk-Eye
  No.2 Hawk-Eye (Model A)
  No.2 Hawkeye (Model B)
  No.2 Hawk-Eye (Model C)
  No.2 Hawk-Eye Junior
  No.2 Jockey Model B
  No.2 Portrait Brownie
  No.2 Portrait Hawkeye
  No.2 Rainbow Hawk-Eye (Model C)
  No.2A Beau Brownie
  No.2A Brownie
  Popular Brownie
  Popular Portrait Brownie
  Portrait 'Hawkeye' *Star*
  Portrait Hawkeye A-Star-A
  Premo Junior No.1
  Premo Junior No.1 Model B
  Six-16 Brownie
  Six-16 Brownie Junior
  Six-16 Brownie Special
  Six-20 Brownie (Portrait Model)
  Six-20 Brownie (UK Model)
  Six-20 Brownie (US Model)
  Six-20 Brownie B
  Six-20 Brownie C
  Six-20 Brownie D
  Six-20 Brownie E
  Six-20 Brownie Junior (Portrait Model)
  Six-20 Brownie Junior (UK Model)
  Six-20 Brownie Junior (US Model)
  Six-20 Brownie Junior, Super Model
  Six-20 Brownie Senior
  Six-20 Brownie Special
  Six-20 'Hawkeye'-Major
  Six-20 Popular Brownie
  Six-20 Portrait Brownie
  Six-20 Target Hawk-Eye
  Target Brownie Six-20
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