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K o d a k   D u a f l e x   I I
Kodak Duaflex II

Otherwise identical in specification to the previous model, the UK made camera, on the left, features a fold-up viewfinder hood with a mirror in it, presumably to allow some sort of overhead periscope view. The US model, with no mirror in the hood, centre, was also available with a focussing lens, shown here on the right, fitted with three aperture stops to f/16. A feature also fitted to this camera, which is missing from the fixed-focus variants, is a double exposure prevention interlock on the shutter button. Flash contacts are fitted for a clip-on flashgun. Pictures taken with a camera like these can be seen here. Manufacturing dates between 1950-54 (US) and 1955-60 (UK)
name: Kodak Duaflex II
produced between : 1950 - 1960
lens : Kodet f/15 or Kodar f/8 (US only)
film type : 620
picture size : 6 x 6 cm
original list price (USD): 22.00
categories: box, 620
Kodak Duaflex II

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