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N o . 2   B u l l s - E y e   K o d a k
No.2 Bulls-Eye Kodak

The Model D, shown here, is a leatherette-covered wooden camera fitted with a 'flip-flop' shutter with facility for time exposures, three apertures on a pull-up control and a tripod socket. The viewfinder, which may have been the origin of the name, shows a circular image, so would have been more of an aiming device than a framing feature. The size of this model is not apparent from the photograph, it is some 4.5" square and 6" long.
name: No.2 Bulls-Eye Kodak
produced between : 1895 - 1913
lens : Achromatic
shutter : Rotary
film type : 101
picture size : 8.5 x 8.5 cm
quantity made : 257,000
categories: box
No.2 Bulls-Eye Kodak

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