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K o d a k   S i x - 2 0   B u l l ' s   E y e
Kodak Six-20 Bull's Eye

Although Brian Coe refers to this camera as the Six-20 Bulls-Eye Brownie, there is no reference to 'Brownie' on the camera. The Bakelite construction makes this camera appear akin to the Baby Brownie Special, whereas the trapezoidal shape is similar to the Brownie Flash Six-20. The shutter on this 8-on-620 camera is operated by the lever under the lens, the lever above the lens allows for 'brief' exposures. The protrusion on the right-hand side of the camera will support the camera in 'portrait' format on a level surface.
name: Kodak Six-20 Bull's Eye
produced between : 1938 - 1941
lens : Meniscus
film type : 620
picture size : 6 x 9 cm
original list price (USD): 3.00
categories: box, 620
Kodak Six-20 Bull's Eye

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