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  index cameras 616/116 rollfilm single camera
N o . 1 A   A u t o g r a p h i c   K o d a k   J u n i o r
No.1A Autographic Kodak Junior

This American built camera is shown with the original Kodak shutter release cable fitted. The pivoting brilliant viewfinder, above the three speed Ball Bearing shutter, collapses when closing the camera.
name: No.1A Autographic Kodak Junior
produced between : 1914 - 1927
lens : Various
shutter : Various
film type : 116
picture size : 6.5 x 11 cm
original list price (USD): 24.00
categories: 116, folding
No.1A Autographic Kodak Junior

  index cameras 616/116 rollfilm
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