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B r o w n i e   P l i a n t   S i x - 1 6
Brownie Pliant Six-16

This model has a fixed-focus lens in a single speed shutter, though there are four apertures, numbered 1-4, available on a rotating disc. According to a contemporary Kodak publication, these equate to f/11-f/32. Manufactured in Rochester NY, this camera would seem to have been solely for export. A variation of this model exists with a "Kodak Anastigmat Rapide" lens in an AGC shutter. I suspect this version was finally assembled in Europe.
name: Brownie Pliant Six-16
produced around : 1934
shutter : No.1 Kodal
film type : 616
picture size : 6.5 x 11 cm
categories: 616, folding
Brownie Pliant Six-16

  index cameras 616/116 rollfilm
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