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C o n v e r t i n g   a   6 1 6   C a m e r a
Convert a Six-16 Folding Camera Convert a Six-16 Folding Camera for Use with 120 Film

By Peter A. Lerro, Sr. © 2008

I’d be willing to bet that among those antique camera aficionados, who delight in actually taking pictures with some of the favorites in their collection, there is a goodly number who are frustrated by the fact that so many of their fine pieces have been rendered unusable simply because the required film isn’t readily available.

But this doesn’t have to be the case for anyone who might have an operable 616 camera on their shelf. Take for example this Kodak, 616 Improved Art Deco model -- its Compur-Rapid Shutter, and its Anastigmat f:4.5, 124 mm lens make it an excellent candidate for conversion to panoramic photography, i.e., panoramic of a sort.

Find below the link to the PDF document: Converting that 616 Folding Camera for "Panoramic" Photography.

      instructions for 616 Panaromic Conversion [PDF, 2.59 MB]

Panoramic Kodak Six-16 Folding Camera

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