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Kodak Advantix Cameras Kodak Advantix

The data on this page has mostly been accumulated from information published on Kodak's Websites over the years. Because the model range changes as cameras are discontinued and introduced, I thought I would try to document them from the start, rather than doing it in retrospect. The date information, to a large degree, is based on when models appeared and disappeared from the on-line catalogues. No doubt some models existed in the retail marketplace for some while after discontinuation.

Model Lens Shutter Dates Distribution* and notes
1600 Auto 23mm f/6.6 Ektanar 1/100 1998-99 All
1700 Auto 23mm f/6.6 Ektanar 1/100 1998-99
2000 Auto 25mm f/5.6 Ektanar 1/100 1996-98 NA & E
2100 Auto 25mm f/5.4 1/70, 1/125 1996-99 All
3100 AF 25mm f/4.6 Ektanar 1/100, 1/160 1997-99 E
3200 AF 25mm f/4.6 Ektanar 1/100, 1/160 1996-99 NA
3300 AF 25mm f/4.6 1/100, 1/160 1998-99 NA & Brazil
3400 AF 25mm f/4.6 Ektanar 1/100, 1/160 1998-99 Special 3300
3600 ix 24mm f/3.6 Ekton 1/2-1/250 1996-99 Not Canada
3700 ix 24mm f/3.6 Ekton 1/2-1/250 1996-99 NA
3800 ix 24mm f/3.6 Ekton 1/2-1/250 1998-99 Special 3700
4100 ix Zoom 30-60mm f/4.5-8.5 1/6-1/270 1996-99 All
4700 ix Text-Zoom 30-60mm f/5.9-6.9 Auto 1998-99 NA E J
4800 ix Text-Zoom 30-60mm f/5.9-6.9 Auto 1998-99 Special 4700
5600 MRX Text-Date 30-120mm f/3.5-9.9 Auto 1996-97 NA ?
5800 MRX-Zoom 26-130mm f/5.6-11.5 1/2-1/360 1998-.. NA & E
Single Use Cameras
Fun Saver 25mm f/10
Fun Advantix


1998-.. Japan
Fun Ultra-Flash


September 1998 Press Release for 1999 launch.
T500AF 25mm f/3.5-11 1/4-1/500 1998-99
T550AF 25mm f/3.5-11 1/4-1/500 1998-2001
C300 Auto 25mm f/5.6 1/90-1/250 1999-2001
C400AF 25mm f/5.6 1/90-1/250 1999-2001
C650 Zoom 24-48mm f/4.5-8.6 1/5-1/360 1999-..
C700 Zoom 30-60mm f/5.9-6.9 Programmed 1999-..
F300 Auto 23mm f/6.6 1/100 1999-..
Announced March 1999
F600 Zoom 30-60mm f/4.5-8.5 1/4-1/360 1999-..
C800 27-80mm f/5.6-8.5 1/2-1/300 1999-..
Announced February 2000
Preview 25-65mm f/4.3-10.4 1/2-1/400 2000-.. Pre-Xmas launch in Dixons (UK).
C750 24-60mm f/5.6-8 1/2-1/330 2000-..
T700 25-50mm f/4.6-8.7 Ektanar 1/2-1/250 2000-..
F350 24mm f/6.4 1/60-1/250 2000-..
September 2000 Press Release for Spring 2001 launch (in Europe).
F320 Auto

C350 Auto

2001-.. Replaces C300
C450 Auto Focus

2001-2002 Replaces C400
T570 Auto Focus

2001-.. Replaces T550
Spring 2002 Press Release.
EasyShare H500

Model did not go into production.
F620 Zoom

Replaces F600
C470 Auto Focus

Replaces C450
Photokina 2002 for April 2003 release





T70 24-40mm zoom

* Distribution
This data is as originally published on Kodak's websites. It may have changed during production. The "special" classification denotes models sold only through speciality outlets. Complete details of all current Kodak Advantix US-market cameras can be found here in Kodak's Online Catalogue. Note that not all models are distributed world-wide.

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