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B r o w n i e   S t a r l u x e   I I
Brownie Starluxe II

Similar to, but taller than, the Brownie Starmite II, this camera was made in France, as evidenced by the aperture markings, "Soleil Voile 13" and "14 Soleil Brillant". The extra height is principally due to the different design of the flashgun, that on this model being a capacitor discharge circuit powered by a 22.5v battery, taking the larger PF1 size bulbs. There are at least two colour variations, that shown on the left being two-tone grey, that on the right being all white.
name: Brownie Starluxe II
produced between : 1962 - 1967
lens : f/11
shutter : Rotary
film type : 127
picture size : 4 x 4 cm
categories: 127, brownie
Brownie Starluxe II

  index cameras 127 rollfilm
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