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B r o w n i e   S t a r m i t e   I I
Brownie Starmite II

Of similar specification to its predecessor the Starmite, the two apertures on this camera are marked 'Flash' and 'Daylight'. The silver button on the top of the viewfinder is the release for the AG-1 flashbulb. Both of these cameras show similar moulding marks, as mentioned on the Startech, perhaps there was one basic mould that was reused over the range. A variation on this camera was produced in France as the Brownie Starluxe II.
name: Brownie Starmite II
produced between : 1962 - 1967
lens : f/11
shutter : Rotary
film type : 127
picture size : 4 x 4 cm
original list price (USD): 12.00
categories: 127, brownie
Brownie Starmite II

  index cameras 127 rollfilm
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