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V e s t   P o c k e t   K o d a k
Vest Pocket Kodak

This is the camera which introduced 127 rollfilm. Unusually by todays standards, the lens is behind the two-speed shutter and fully adjustable iris. Early cameras have "square-cornered" bellows and a plain faceplate, like this example, later cameras have VEST POCKET KODAK engraved below the lens. A 'de luxe' version, with superior lenses, was available as the Vest Pocket Kodak Special. A few snaps taken with this camera can be seen in the galleries. This was the first really collectable Kodak Chris Eve has owned, bought some years before the collection got out of hand, because it looked nice.
name: Vest Pocket Kodak
produced between : 1912 - 1914
lens : Various
shutter : Ball Bearing
film type : 127
picture size : 6 x 4 cm
original list price (USD): 12.00
categories: 127, folding
Vest Pocket Kodak
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  index cameras 127 rollfilm
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