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B r o w n i e   F i e s t a
Brownie Fiesta

A basic single speed 12 exposure snapshot camera, the early model, above, with an unusual clear plastic front panel which appears to incorporate the lens, a feature also seen on the Hawkeye Flashfun. The later model, below, and shown with the accessory flashgun, was also released as the Starlet II. Similar "camaras" were manufactured in the Argentine and also in Madrid, Spain (detail below).

The early version was produced from 1962 to 1965 and the late version between 1965-1966.
name: Brownie Fiesta
produced between : 1962 - 1966
lens : Meniscus f/11
film type : 127
picture size : 4 x 4 cm
original list price (USD): 6.00
categories: 127, brownie
Brownie Fiesta
Brownie Fiesta
Brownie Fiesta
Brownie Fiesta

  index cameras 127 rollfilm
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