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K o d a k   M o n i t o r   S i x - 2 0
Kodak Monitor Six-20

A reassuringly robust camera with an automatic frame-counter linked to a double-exposure prevention mechanism, probably quite sophisticated in it's day, especially on a roll-film camera. The 103mm lens, which focusses down to 3.5 ft., is fitted in a No.1 Kodamatic shutter with speeds from 1/10 - 1/200 sec + B. Cable release sockets are provided in the shutter release button and on the shutter itself.
name: Kodak Monitor Six-20
produced between : 1939 - 1948
lens : f/4.5 Anastigmat
shutter : Various
film type : 620
picture size : 6 x 9 cm
categories: folding, 620
Kodak Monitor Six-20

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