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K o d a k     M o d è l e   B   3 1
Kodak Modèle B 31

Superficially similar to the UK-made Sterling II, this French-made camera differs in one major respect, it is dual format. The close-up of the viewfinder below shows the sliding mask in place for 6x6 format, this would have presumably been complemented by an insert inside the camera, which is unfortunately missing on this example. Two red windows are fitted in the rear cover, one for each negative size. Without recourse to a darkroom, one would have had to expose the whole roll of 620 film at either 6x9 or 6x6. The focussing lens is adjustable to f/22 and the shutter is flash syncronised, with a conventional co-axial socket and provision for a cable release. Unusually, the shutter on this camera is operated by the left hand.
name: Kodak Modèle B 31
produced around : 1950s
lens : Angenieux 100mm f/4.5
shutter : B, 1/25-1/150
film type : 620
picture size : 6x6cm & 6x9cm
categories: folding, 620
Kodak  Modèle B 31
Kodak  Modèle B 31

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