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J i f f y   K o d a k   S i x - 2 0
Jiffy Kodak Six-20

Shown here in both its guises, the earlier camera on the left with the decorative front plate, the Series II on the right with its more sober design. Both cameras are similarly specified, having a focussing lens in a single speed shutter and two brilliant viewfinders. The focussing scale is somewhat limited in that it is only marked at the extremities of its travel, near focus being '5 to 10 feet', the other being 'Beyond 10 feet'. The camera seems to have an unusual support foot, in that it is adjustable to a different length. This however, is actually the aperture slider, which is very easy to miss due to the fact that there are no markings whatsoever.

Manufactured between 1933-37 and the Series II was manufactured between 1937-48.

name: Jiffy Kodak Six-20
produced between : 1933 - 1948
lens : Twindar Periscopic
film type : 620
picture size : 6 x 9 cm
original list price (USD): $6.75. $9
categories: folding, 620
Jiffy Kodak Six-20

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