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K o d a k   p o c k e t   I n s t a m a t i c   2 0 0
Kodak pocket Instamatic 200

Sunny/cloudy exposure settings, a sliding lens cover and a used-bulb warning in the bright-line viewfinder complete the specifications for this camera with a Magicube socket, shown in the lower picture with the 'Magicube' extender, designed to reduce the risk of 'red-eye'. Later cameras had coloured shutter buttons and the front of the camera was metallized, whereas the earlier cameras were plastic with just a metal top-plate.
name: Kodak pocket Instamatic 200
produced between : 1972 - 1974
lens : 25mm, f/11 Triplet
shutter : 2 speed
film type : 110 Cartridge
picture size : 13 x 17 mm
categories: 110
Kodak pocket Instamatic 200
Kodak pocket Instamatic 200

  index cameras 110 instamatic
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