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K o d a k   S t e r e o   C a m e r a
Kodak Stereo Camera

Effectively two cameras side-by-side in the same body, the stereo pairs produced are interleaved on the film. That is to say image 1 and image 4 form the first pair, image 3 and image 6, the second pair, etc. The body of the camera is brown Bakelite, but is nevertheless quite heavy due to it's size, some 6 inches long. Note the inclusion of a spirit level below the periscopic viewfinder between the lenses. It is very important to keep a stereo camera level to achieve good results. An interesting feature, the knurled front rings on the lenses are supplied "Series V" retaining rings. With these unscrewed, any "Series V" accessory lens or filter can be fitted without further adaptors.

Although this camera uses normal 35mm cassettes, there is a reference inside the camera to "Use Kodak 335 or 135 film". Ray Moxom was kind enough to send me the following information : "335 film was a 'process paid' film that included mounting 20 stereo pairs into 'Realist Standard' stereo mounts. In those days 135 film came in 20 and 36 exposure rolls which gave 15 and 28 stereo pairs respectively".
name: Kodak Stereo Camera
produced between : 1954 - 1959
lens : 2x Anaston 35mm f/3.5
shutter : 2x Flash 200
film type : 135
picture size : 2x 23x24mm
original list price (USD): 84.50
categories: 35 mm
Kodak Stereo Camera

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