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K o d a k   E u r o   3 5
Kodak Euro 35

Apparently identical to the S100EF, this fixed focus Hong Kong made camera has an Ektanar lens. Three aperture settings are available, the smallest when the camera is set for 400ASA film, the intermediate on the 100/200ASA setting, the widest when the flashgun is switched on, irrespective of film setting. Shown above is the grey-bodied Euro-35 "Legend", below the white-bodied "Colors". I have seen pictures of another white-bodied variant called "Elysees".
name: Kodak Euro 35
film type : 135
picture size : 24 x 36 mm
categories: 35 mm
Kodak Euro 35
Kodak Euro 35

  index cameras 35mm film
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