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K o d a k   I n s t a m a t i c   5 0
Kodak Instamatic 50

A metal-clad camera, and difficult to find without at least some dents in its aluminium bodywork. Sunny/cloudy exposure and an unusual "hot-shoe" flash. These cameras were produced on both sides of the Atlantic, the Rochester production being destined for export and not for domestic sales. This particular one was made in the USA, though the differences are limited to the lettering under the Kodak logo. This model was also assembled in Australia, from UK-sourced components, the difference being limited to a lack of "Made in ... " lettering below the logo, there being a sticker inside to indicate it's manufacture. It is interesting to note that this model was probably the first Instamatic to be marketed, apparently being available in the UK some weeks before the release of the Instamatic 100 in the USA.
name: Kodak Instamatic 50
produced between : 1963 - 1966
lens : f/11, 43mm
shutter : 1/40, 1/90
film type : 126 cartridge
picture size : 28 x 28 mm
categories: instamatic
Kodak Instamatic 50

  index cameras 126 instamatic
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