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N o . 1   B r o w n i e   M o d e l   B
No.1 Brownie Model B

The revised model of the original Brownie, introduced in 1900, became the No.1 Brownie with the introduction of the No.2 Brownie in 1901. A very simple camera with only sighting lines on the top surface to assist with framing, so, unusually for a box camera, this model was used at eye-level. A clip-on waist-level viewfinder was available as an optional accessory. The lens is mounted behind the 'flip-flop' shutter with facility for time exposures. The 117 film used in these cameras has a similar spindle to 120 film, but with smaller diameter flanges, as only six square pictures were available on a roll, so it should be quite easy to modify a roll of 120 film for use in this camera. Early cameras have a smooth leatherette finish, later models, like this one, have a grained pattern. The film-wind key mechanism is removed in it's entirety for the loading of film.
name: No.1 Brownie Model B
produced between : 1901 - 1916
lens : Meniscus
shutter : Rotary
film type : 117
picture size : 6 x 6 cm
quantity made : 522,000
original list price (USD): 1.00
categories: box, brownie
No.1 Brownie Model B

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