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B r o w n i e   H o l i d a y   F l a s h
Brownie Holiday Flash

A basic viewfinder camera taking 8 exposures and featuring 'Pin & Screw' flash contacts. The camera above was made in Canada and is fitted with the plastic Dakon lens, earlier cameras had the glass Kodet lens as shown below. Despite the basic specification, the box advertises the availability of a No.13 close-up lens and a "cloud" filter. The recommended flashgun was the Kodalite Midget Flasholder. A variation of this model exists as the Brownie Chiquita Flash.

The lenses used were Kodet (1954-55) and Dakon (1955-62).
name: Brownie Holiday Flash
produced between : 1954 - 1962
lens : Kodet or Dakon
shutter : Rotary
film type : 127
picture size : 6 x 4 cm
original list price (USD): 5.00
categories: 127, brownie
Brownie Holiday Flash
Brownie Holiday Flash

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