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Tourist Adaptor Kit
An interesting set of accessories for the more sophisticated Tourist cameras, (with the f/4.5 or f/6.3 lenses), comprising a replacement camera back with a choice of four "red windows", one each for 6x9cm negatives, (as "normal"), for 6x6cm negatives, for 6x4.5cm "Duo" negatives and for 28x40mm "Bantam" negatives (on 828 film).

The smaller negatives are each provided for by inserts for the camera itself and clip-on masks for the viewfinder. (The 828 mask is unfortunately missing from this example). Whilst the three larger formats are all available from 620 film, the use of 828 film also requires the fitting of a set of spool adaptors. Inevitably the 105mm lens fitted as a "standard" for the 6x9cm format acts as a short to medium telephoto for the smaller sizes.

Obviously, without access to a darkroom, once the camera has been configured for a particular negative size, the whole roll will have to be exposed in that format.

Apart from the "artistic" selection of square or oblong negatives, the economy of 12 or 16 pictures on a roll of 620, as opposed to the usual 8, would have been attractive, especially in colour. Some films, such as Kodachrome slide film, were only available in 828 size, though Ektachrome was available in 620.

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