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K o d a k   R e t i n a   I   ( 1 2 6 )
Kodak Retina I (126)

Produced concurrently with the Retina I (119), "Modell I schwarz", but being distinctive by it's chrome trim, "Modell I verchromt", this particular camera is fitted with the Kodak Ektar lens, but is otherwise very similar. On the base of the camera is a German language depth of field calculator, calibrated in metres. This model is often seen with an accessory shoe fitted, the screws for this option can be seen adjacent to the film rewind knob. The shutter release button on the lens housing is not original. As this was my first Retina, I made one up from a cut-down remote release cable so I could try out the camera. It works well!
name: Kodak Retina I (126)
produced between : 1936 - 1938
lens : f/3.5 50mm various
shutter : Compur-Rapid
film type : 135
picture size : 24 x 36 mm
quantity made : 39,100
original list price (USD): 57.50
categories: 35 mm, retina
Kodak Retina I (126)
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