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K o d a k   R e t i n e t t e   I I   ( 0 2 6 )
Kodak Retinette II (026)

Featuring the dynamic depth-of-field indicators as seen on the Retinas of the day, a brightline viewfinder and "EV" (Exposure Value) coupled shutter and aperture.

David L. Jentz of the "Historical Society for Retina Cameras" has confirmed that examples like this, with the "Retinette II" engraving on the top of the camera housing, were among the first 5,000 manufactured, this particular example being the latest he was aware of. Later cameras have the name on the front, adjacent to the viewfinder.
name: Kodak Retinette II (026)
produced between : 1958 - 1959
lens : f/2.8 45mm Reomar
shutter : Compur-Rapid
film type : 135
picture size : 24 x 36 mm
quantity made : 18,000+
categories: 35 mm, retinette
Kodak Retinette II (026)
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