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H a w k e y e   M o d .   B . B .
Hawkeye Mod. B.B.

A basic UK-made cardboard box camera with two reflecting viewfinders and a 'time' setting for the 'flip-flop' shutter. As is often the case with these cameras, the only identification is on the handle. This camera would seem to have been an export model, the sticker inside giving the film details reads "Voor Gebruik In Dit Toestel Aleen V620 'Verichrome' Film Of Regular 'Kodak' Film (8 Opnamen)", which I am assured is Dutch.
name: Hawkeye Mod. B.B.
film type : 620
picture size : 6 x 9 cm
categories: box, hawkeye, 620
Hawkeye Mod. B.B.

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