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N o . 3 A   F o l d i n g   C a r t r i d g e   H a w k - E y e   M o d e l   B
No.3A Folding Cartridge Hawk-Eye Model B

Taking postcard size negatives, the camera shown has the Rapid Rectilinear lens in a two-speed shutter with fully adjustable aperture and socket for a cable release. There are focus presets down to 6 feet and a pivoting reflecting viewfinder.
name: No.3A Folding Cartridge Hawk-Eye Model B
produced between : 1926 - 1935
lens : Various
shutter : No.1 Kodex
film type : 122
picture size : 8.25 x 14 cm
original list price (USD): 16.00
categories: folding, hawkeye
No.3A Folding Cartridge Hawk-Eye Model B

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