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K o d a k     M o d è l e   4 2
Kodak Modèle 42

Not only was this probably the most sophisticated 620 folding camera produced by Kodak Pathé in France, it is particularly unusual in that it is designed to take three negative sizes. Basically designed for 6x9cm, masks and adaptors were supplied, in conjunction with two red "windows" in the back door, to enable the smaller formats. The viewfinder is also unusual in that it shows the full frame for the 6x9cm format and has an asymmetrical transparent red frame, see below, which defines the edges of the 6x6cm format in red and the edges of the 28x40mm "Bantam" frame by the clear section in the middle. Further, the viewfinder is not "straight-through", as usual, but periscopic, in that the eyepiece is at the opposite end of the top-housing to the window on the front.
name: Kodak Modèle 42
produced around : 1950s
lens : f/3.5 100mm Angenieux Anastigmat
shutter : B, 1-1/250
film type : 620 or 828
picture size : 6x6cm, 6x9cm or 28x40mm
categories: folding, 620
Kodak  Modèle 42
Kodak  Modèle 42

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