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K o d a k   D u o   6 2 0   ( D u o   S i x - 2 0 )
Kodak Duo 620 (Duo Six-20)

A leather covered camera from Kodak AG, manufactured in a style reminiscent of the early Retinas and so called for its 'half-frame' use of 620 film to give 16 exposures on a roll. This is achieved by having two red windows on the back of the camera, allowing each of the eight frame numbers to be used twice. The flip-up optical viewfinder on the top plate is accompanied by a rotating depth of field calculator, calibrated in English and in feet on both, on the right hand end. The camera above the first version, having a silver-lined black enamel top-plate, a winding key rather than a knob, and a 3-speed shutter for it's 7.5cm f/4.5 Kodak Anastigmat lens. The second-model camera, below, has a four speed shutter, a similar lens, and an accessory shoe on it's satin-chrome top-plate. The later camera also has a body release for the shutter, and is overall slightly larger and heavier than the early model. Both of the cameras shown are marked "Duo 620" on the back, however I have another example of the later camera, fitted with the same lens in a Compur shutter, marked "Kodak Duo Six-20 Series II".
name: Kodak Duo 620 (Duo Six-20)
produced between : 1933 - 1939
lens : Various
shutter : Various
film type : 620
picture size : 6 x 4.5 cm
quantity made : 81,000
original list price (USD): 57.50
categories: folding, 620
Kodak Duo 620 (Duo Six-20)
Kodak Duo 620 (Duo Six-20)
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