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B r o w n i e   P l i a n t   S i x - 2 0
Brownie Pliant Six-20

This Rochester-made fixed focus camera is fitted with a single speed shutter and an aperture wheel similar to the Vest Pocket Kodak Model B. The apertures, according to a contemporary Kodak Ltd. publication, equate to f/11-f/32. The camera folds in a similar manner to the Kodak Junior Six-20, has a tripod bush in the front panel and a pivoting brilliant viewfinder. It would seem this model was produced for export only.

A very similar camera would appear to have been finished in Europe (probably France) by virtue of the focussing "Anastigmat Kodak Rapide" lens set in an AGC shutter with a continuously variable aperture, see the picture below. This variant has no model detail other than the name "Brownie" on the shutter housing. The film recommendation decal inside both cameras is the same, in English, printed in the USA, though the film-wind key does vary slightly.
name: Brownie Pliant Six-20
produced around : 1939
shutter : Kodo No.0
film type : 620
picture size : 6 x 9 cm
categories: folding, brownie, 620
Brownie Pliant Six-20
Brownie Pliant Six-20

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