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N o . 3   F o l d i n g   B r o w n i e
No.3 Folding Brownie

This camera has been subject to a slight modification, having had an extra red window fitted in the back and spacers for the film spools fitted to allow the use of 118 film, rather than the original 124 film, which may have become obsolete. The work was done by one 'Foote, Optician' of Shaftesbury, according to the label inside the back cover. As I bought the camera in Shaftesbury, one might reasonably conclude that it had spent much of its life in a relatively small area of England! Fitted with a Rapid Rectilinear lens in an FPK Automatic shutter, with provision for pneumatic release, a pivoting reflective viewfinder and a focussing scale on the right-hand side of the base board.
name: No.3 Folding Brownie
produced between : 1905 - 1915
lens : Various
shutter : Various
film type : 124
picture size : 8.25 x 11 cm
quantity made : 108,000
original list price (USD): 11.00
categories: folding, brownie
No.3 Folding Brownie

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