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N o . 2   F o l d i n g   P o c k e t   K o d a k
No.2 Folding Pocket Kodak

A "Bausch and Lomb" Rapid Rectilinear lens with fully adjustable aperture is fitted in the FPK Automatic shutter of the Model C shown here. Focussing pre-sets of 8, 20 and 100 feet, with their metric equivalents, are available on the base-board. The cylindrical device on the side of the lens would have originally been connected by a rubber tube to a squeeze-bulb for shake-free release of the shutter. The original maroon bellows have faded significantly.
name: No.2 Folding Pocket Kodak
produced between : 1899 - 1910
lens : Various
shutter : Various
film type : 101
picture size : 8.5 x 8.5 cm
quantity made : 48,000+
original list price (USD): 15.00
categories: folding
No.2 Folding Pocket Kodak

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