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N o . 2   F o l d i n g   F i l m   P a c k   H a w k - E y e
No.2 Folding Film Pack Hawk-Eye

One of only two Hawk-Eye cameras listed by Addison to use Film Packs, the model identification is inside the back cover. There are three focus pre-sets on the base-board, a bit of clever engineering making the intermediate position the default when the camera is opened. The reflecting viewfinder pivots for use in "landscape" or "portrait" mode and two tripod sockets are fitted. As with the Premoette Junior No.1, it is difficult to imagine how a camera of this format could be made any smaller, the overall size when folded is 4¼x2¾x1½ inches (11x7x4cm).
name: No.2 Folding Film Pack Hawk-Eye
produced from : 1923
lens : Meniscus Achromat
shutter : Hawkeye
film type : 520 film pack
picture size : 6 x 9 cm
original list price (USD): 5.00
categories: folding, hawkeye
No.2 Folding Film Pack Hawk-Eye

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