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N o . 3 A   S p e c i a l   K o d a k
No.3A Special Kodak

Although manufactured in Rochester NY, some cameras for the UK market were fitted with a different range of lenses and shutters, this particular Model A having the Ross Homocentric f/6.3 6½" lens in a Compound shutter. Fitted with a rising front and a spirit level adjacent to the viewfinder, the rack and pinion focussing has two alternative scales, one marked 'films', the other 'plates'.
name: No.3A Special Kodak
produced between : 1910 - 1914
lens : Various
shutter : Various
film type : 122
picture size : 8.25 x 14 cm
quantity made : 18,245
original list price (USD): 80.50
categories: folding
No.3A Special Kodak

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