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N o . 1 A   S p e e d   K o d a k
No.1A Speed Kodak

This camera is significantly larger than one would expect from it's film format, being 9½x2¼" folded, with a weight to match. Originally suppied with one of a range of lenses, or indeed no lens at all, this particular camera has a Goertz "Dogmar" f/4.5 5" lens. A myriad of controls provide curtain aperture and tension settings for the focal plane shutter, giving speeds from 1/10-1/1000sec. The dual-purpose viewfinder provides for both eye-level viewing with a peep-sight and cross-hair, or waist-level operation with a flip-up mirror, which also has a cross-hair on it for alignment. A focussing scale on the lens bed is used in conjunction with the knurled knob to the left of the lens, and an autographic back is fitted.
name: No.1A Speed Kodak
produced between : 1909 - 1913
lens : Various
shutter : Graflex Focal Plane
film type : 116
picture size : 6.5 x 11 cm
original list price (USD): 78.50
categories: 116, folding
No.1A Speed Kodak

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