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N a g e l   V o l l e n d a   7 0 / 0
Nagel Vollenda 70/0

This camera was one of the models in production when Kodak took over the Nagel factory in Stuttgart at the end of 1931. As it has no Kodak markings, it may not be a 'true' Kodak. Fitted with a 10.5cm f/4.5 Nagel Anastigmat in a Pronto shutter, the focussing arrangement is a little unusual. The lever on the top of the lens standard moves the whole shutter housing forward sufficiently to focus down to 2 metres. This particular camera, as was the fashion at the time, has a retailers plate fitted, 'Christoph Schaller', with an address I believe to be in Austria.
name: Nagel Vollenda 70/0
produced between : 1930 - 1934
lens : various
shutter : various
film type : 120
picture size : 6 x 9 cm
categories: 120, folding
Nagel Vollenda 70/0

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