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N o . 1   A u t o g r a p h i c   K o d a k   J u n i o r
No.1 Autographic Kodak Junior

This camera has a Rapid Rectilinear lens in a two speed Kodak Ballbearing Shutter. The brilliant waistlevel viewfinder folds up when the camera is collapsed and focussing is achieved by three preset stops on the scale on the left side of the baseboard. This model replaced the No.1 Kodak Junior, though both cameras are marked internally as 'No.1 Kodak Junior Model-A'.
name: No.1 Autographic Kodak Junior
produced between : 1914 - 1927
lens : various
shutter : various
film type : 120
picture size : 6 x 9 cm
quantity made : 800,000+
original list price (USD): 23.00
categories: 120, folding
No.1 Autographic Kodak Junior

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