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K o d a k   p o c k e t   A - 1
Kodak pocket A-1

Oversized, compared to most 110 film cameras, this model was renamed the Brownie in 1980. An early model, with the yellow shutter button, is shown above, the Spanish "camara" has the silver button and faceplate of the later model, shown below right with the hard-shell ever-ready case. A premium version of this camera was issued as the Pocket B-1. A few pictures taken with a Brownie camera, similar to these, can be seen here.
name: Kodak pocket A-1
produced between : 1978 - 1980
lens : 25mm, f/11
shutter : 1/50
film type : 110 Cartridge
picture size : 13 x 17 mm
categories: 110
Kodak pocket A-1
Kodak pocket A-1
Kodak pocket A-1
Kodak pocket A-1

  index cameras 110 instamatic
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