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K o d a k   M i n i - I n s t a m a t i c   S 3 0
Kodak Mini-Instamatic S30

Differing in design from the other cameras in the range, the portion of the body containing the brightline viewfinder telescopes into the rest of the camera when not in use. A choice of manual exposure is available, the aperture of the lens being varied from "cloudy" to "very sunny". Facility for flash is provided by the hot-shoe on the left-hand end of the camera. When collapsed, the camera is about the size of a pack of cigarettes.
name: Kodak Mini-Instamatic S30
produced between : 1976 - 1978
lens : 25mm, f/5.6 Reomar
shutter : 1/40, 1/80
film type : 110 Cartridge
picture size : 13 x 17 mm
categories: 110
Kodak Mini-Instamatic S30

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