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K o d a k   V R 3 5   K 5
Kodak VR35 K5

A fully motorised fixed-focus camera with a threaded socket for a cable release in the shutter button. With the pop-up flash enabled, the widest aperture is set regardless of film speed, the middle aperture is set for 100 or 200ASA, the lens closing down to it's smallest for the 400ASA setting. There is no imprinted indication on the camera as to where it was made, however one person from Tasmania, Australia reported a label on the the base "Made in Hong Kong".
name: Kodak VR35 K5
produced from : 1986
lens : 38mm f/5.6
shutter : 1/125
film type : 135
picture size : 24 x 36 mm
categories: 35 mm
Kodak VR35 K5

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