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K o d a k   R e t i n e t t e   ( 1 4 7 )
Kodak Retinette (147)

The original Retinette which, unlike most subsequent models, has only a superficial resemblance to contemporary Retina cameras, the body being some millimetres longer and the front "door" hinging downwards, not sideways. Despite the relatively limited specification, there are sockets for both tripod and shutter release.
name: Kodak Retinette (147)
produced from : 1939
lens : 50mm f/6.3 Anastigmat
shutter : B, 1/25-1/100
film type : 135
picture size : 24 x 36 mm
quantity made : 20,000
categories: 35 mm, retinette
Kodak Retinette (147)
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